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Wedding Officiants Wisconsin officiants are the best in the business.   Collectively, they perform hundreds of weddings in Wisconsin each year, and in all kinds of conditions – rain, snow, cold and even during a Packer game.    Truth is, our officiants are passionate about making your wedding day perfect!   Our officiants are:

PROFESSIONAL: First, our officiants do what they say they will do.  If they schedule a consultation or a meeting, they will be there.  Most of all, on your wedding day they will arrive on time, ready to make your day perfect!

QUALIFIED: Wedding Officiant Wisconsin Officiants meet the State’s law for being a qualified wedding officiant: An Officiant must be either a representative of the Court System or an officiant must be an ordained Minister.   In addition, our officiants are also qualified by teh Wisconsin Association of Wedding Officiants.

EXPERIENCED:  Our officiants are some of the most experienced in delivering perfect wedding ceremonies.   Whether working with a couple new to the process or a wedding planner, we have the experience to deliver exactly what you expect and deserve.

RELIABLE: Having a reliable wedding officiant gives the wedding couple a peace of mind that they need and appreciate having on their perfect day.   Rest assured, a WOW wedding Officiant will be at the wedding on time, ready to go – we guarantee it!

Hello, I’m Maria, the founder of Wedding Officiant Wisconsin (WOW).   First, if you are reading this, you are probably planning a wedding – so congratulations!

I started WOW because I enjoy being part of a ceremony that celebrates the love between two people.   I’ve officianted hundreds of weddings, and I was even one of the first Court Officiants to legally marry same-sex couples in Wisconsin – an honor that I am extremely proud of.   When I’m not doing weddings I’m taking care of my two kids, my dog, shane, and going for long walks – sometimes in the rain – with my husband.

If you need a professional officiant for your wedding, please contact WOW.   If, I am available, I would very much enjoy being your wedding officiant.

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