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Throughout the process of securing a wedding officiant for your wedding, we focus on building a relationship based on trust, communication and understanding.    Following is a description of our process:

1.  Client Requests a Quote:  The client can request services online or by contacting us at (414) 403 – 1798.

2.  Follow-up: We then follow-up with the prospective client (usually via email or by phone) to 1) confirm the date, place and time of the wedding; 2) the size of the wedding; 3) any special needs for the wedding and 4) schedule an initial consultation to discuss the wedding in detail.   We also confirm our availability for the wedding date.   

3.  Initial Consultation:  If the client wants to move forward, we schedule an initial consultation either by phone, Skype or in person.  During this discussion, the wedding couple can provide information on their expectations and needs, and our officiant will clearly provide feedback on the potential scope of our role and what the couple can expect.   

4.  Decision to secure Officiant  The couple can decide to secure the officiant for the specified date or they may need further time to review their options.    To secure an Officiant for a particular date, one half of the fee must be paid to the officiant.   The prospective client can pay online, in person or mail a check/money order.   When this payment is made, the date is secured.

5.   Writing the Ceremony
If the wedding couple requests assistance in writing the ceremony, this process will begin immediately.   I can provide some examples of ceremonies, vows, readings and poems.    The wedding couple is usually very busy organizing the wedding, so we try to make sure that this part of the process is completed in ample time before the wedding.

6.   Rehearsal
If the wedding couple plans on having a rehearsal and the officiant is expected to attend, the wedding officiant should be notified as early as possible in the process.   We usually charge an extra $50 for each rehearsal.   If we have done our job, the rehearsal should be executed without any major issues.  At the rehearsal we will review the entire ceremony, discuss the rehearsal, make last minute modification (if necessary) and address any jitters the wedding couple may have.   

7.  The Special Day!
The wedding officiant usually shows up one hour before the wedding ceremony is to begin.    The wedding officiant will immediately inform the wedding couple that he/she is present, which gives them a peace of mind.   The officiant will check to make sure that the sound system is working properly and that the stage is set for the wedding.    Final Payment (the second half) is usually made before the wedding ceremony.

The rest of the ceremony is up to the bride and groom.  Wisconsin Wedding Officiants will perform your wedding in a manner that exceeds your expectations.   

8.  The Marriage License – Although it is the responsibility of the wedding couple to obtain the marriage license before the wedding, your officiant will take care of signing license afterward the ceremoney and then filing the document with the proper office. You’ll also get a copy of the license for your records.

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